Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'M BACK.....

SHOCKING! I am actually blogging. It's been years...really, years....since I blogged, but I thought recording my thoughts and sharing my kids with others (well hopefully those who care) will be good therapy for me.

Much has happened since Nick's birthday. I think he is almost 14 now! Wow. All the boys are growing. Jeffrey is in high school, Nick is in Junior High, Zack is in middle school and Andrew is in 5th grade. I have one at every school in Stillwater. Needless to say, the mornings are crazy, but somehow we have managed to make it all work and no one has been late (yet).

Divorce rocked our little family.....The boy's dad is now living in Dallas and I am still here in Stillwater. Divorce is something no one ever plans on when they get married, but life happens, people change and sometimes that is something that one feels is the only option. It has been difficult being a single mother but I have learned so much about myself and slowly I am becoming more self sufficient and experiencing moments of self satisfaction. I have gone back to school to pursue my master's degree in Special Education and only have this semester and one more left! YAY! I am currently working at the Stillwater Middle School as the academic center teacher and I also am starting a job at Sylvan Learning (tutoring).

Life is good. I have been greatly blessed to have wonderful friends and family around me. I miss my family in Idaho desperately. I promise to be a better blogger. I don't know who I am promising, but if anyone reads this -- I promise YOU!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Nick!

I'm one day late, but I am wishing Nick a HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY! Yesterday Nick turned 12. It's hard to imagine (most days) that he has been around for 12 years already. Nick was born on a warm day in Logan, Utah --- he was 4 weeks early. I had had some minor back pain. Nothing severe but I thought I'd check it out with the doctor anyway. I went in and he had me lie down for 30 minutes. When he came in the room I sat up and my water broke. He "checked" me and I was dilated to a five so he sent me straight to the hospital. I was very excited about being dilated to a five because at that particular hospital you had to be dialted to a five before you got an epidural so once I got checked into my room the first thing I asked for was an epidural. Joel scrambled home, got some clothes and the movie Mary Poppins. Don't ask. I just really, really wanted to watch that movie. So I checked in at 11 a.m. and Nick was born just before 3 p.m. Because he was born early he was wisked away but returned soon and was fairly healthy -- (when he was born). He only weighed 5 pounds, 14 ounces and stayed two extra nights in the hopital.....Here are 12 things I LOVE about Nick.

1. His laugh. Nick has the most sincere, silliest laugh. I love it.

2. His desire to help. Nick is a very hard worker.

3. His compassion. I remember I was tired one day and I was laying down and he took my shoes off. Very simple thing but it meant a lot to me.

4. His freckles. He gets them from me.

5. His ability to make friends easily.

6. He's interested in EVERYTHING. I know I complain about this a lot but it's good to know someone wants to know EVERYTHING I am doing EVERY minute of the day.

7. He's cute. Now that he's entering the "girl" stage this may come in handy....or not.

8. He's smart. Good grades. Great grades.

9. He loves sports. He gets this from me.

10. He loves to go-go-go. This also can be a bit of a frustration, but I have found that the go-go-goers get things done and this will definitely benefit him later in life.

11. He falls asleep quickly. I just wish I had this ability!

12. He loves his mom -- the best quality of all!
By the way, Nick was due around Christmas so that's where his name comes from - Jolly Old St. Nicholas.....He was born a few days before Thanksgiving but the only thanksgiving name I could think of was "Tom Turkey" and he had been "Nicholas" for so long that I had to stick with the plan....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SYFA Banquet

Well football season is almost over.....the games are done....now the parties have begun. Last night was the huge SYFA banquet. I was the parent volunteer for Nick's team which means I was in charge of the picture board (seen) and decorating the table the team would sit at. It took several hours for an hour worth of banquet, but the kids had a good time and that's what it is all about. Each participant received a medal and those who have played in the SYFA since 1st grade to 7th grade received a "special" football. I think it was signed by OSU head coach Mike Gundy or something like that. Anyway, here are some pictures of the night.....and by the way....it's not completely over. Nick has a team party on Saturday. Unfortunately Zack's "team parent"'s son got kicked off the team so she's pretty much left the building and Zack doesn't have a party planned as far as I know....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another picture

So out of curiosity I thought I'd open the fourth picture on my other computer. Here it is: I have NO idea why I have this picture saved on my computer. My guess it is has something to do with the Asian son I inherited this summer who is actually not from Asia (his parents are) but is from Minnesota and apparently did something on MY computer!

Picture Tag

My friend Melodee tagged me -- what you do is open your picture folder and click on the fourth folder and open the fourth picture. I don't have folders so I am just opening the fourth picture. Could be interesting....I tag.....Shanon, Margo and Christina.....looks like it is Nick at his fifth grade celebration last year....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oklahoma Rain storm

This video really doesn't do a good Oklahoma rainstorm justice. Growing up in Idaho I thought a rainstorm was a drizzle and the local weathermen would get excited if it rained 1/100th of an inch. Now they don't mention anything over 2 inches (not really but seems that way). Anyway, the rainstorms here are incredible. It just pours and pours and pours. Like someone took a pitcher of water and turned it upside down. It's great. I love it and the kids love it. The only problem is in November the rains a bit chilly so the boys can't play in it -- darn, but it's still fun to watch....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ramblings from my mind....

So I just wanted to post something. I voted today. I voted for McCain. I don't know if he will win and I am not into politics but I felt I should vote and I think he's the better choice of the two. I got a CHI in the mail today! It's pink of course. I am so excited. A CHI is a hair straightener and it's the best there is. I also got some new perfume. My MaryKay perfume that I LOVE isn't available anymore so I'm trying out some new scents. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want something not too overpowering -- Gas is officially under $2 a gallon in Stillwater. It's $1.95! Nick is suppose to be at football practice right now but has decided to quit (I won't let him) but he does have a PILE of homework after missing four days of school last week and he has to get it done. He has practice again on Thursday and will be there if it kills me and arguing with him sometimes kills me but I must instill in my kids that when we start something we FINISH it. QUITTING is not a word in our vocabulary.....