Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'M BACK.....

SHOCKING! I am actually blogging. It's been years...really, years....since I blogged, but I thought recording my thoughts and sharing my kids with others (well hopefully those who care) will be good therapy for me.

Much has happened since Nick's birthday. I think he is almost 14 now! Wow. All the boys are growing. Jeffrey is in high school, Nick is in Junior High, Zack is in middle school and Andrew is in 5th grade. I have one at every school in Stillwater. Needless to say, the mornings are crazy, but somehow we have managed to make it all work and no one has been late (yet).

Divorce rocked our little family.....The boy's dad is now living in Dallas and I am still here in Stillwater. Divorce is something no one ever plans on when they get married, but life happens, people change and sometimes that is something that one feels is the only option. It has been difficult being a single mother but I have learned so much about myself and slowly I am becoming more self sufficient and experiencing moments of self satisfaction. I have gone back to school to pursue my master's degree in Special Education and only have this semester and one more left! YAY! I am currently working at the Stillwater Middle School as the academic center teacher and I also am starting a job at Sylvan Learning (tutoring).

Life is good. I have been greatly blessed to have wonderful friends and family around me. I miss my family in Idaho desperately. I promise to be a better blogger. I don't know who I am promising, but if anyone reads this -- I promise YOU!


Annie said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you decided to blog again - I think you'll be glad that you did. We moms need all the support we can get. Life throws us a curve every once in a while, but it's just like your quote at the top of your blog - the greatest glory comes from rising every time you fall. It sounds like you're doing well, and I'm excited to read your blog again. I love to see life from others perspectives, especially those with 4 boys!

Gardners said...

Brooke - I care! Do you have an invitation to my blog?